Easy Archive Recovery

Easy Archive Recovery 2.0

Recover content from damaged files


  • Easy to get started and use
  • Clear, detailed view in a dual pane


  • Poor recovery rate
  • Crashes frequently when trying to choose files to recover

Not bad

Easy Archive Recovery is a tool for PC users to aid in the recovery of corrupt or lost files on their machines.

Often a bad download or a compressed file like a .ZIP or .RAR can end up being corrupt and make it impossible for it to open properly. Easy Archive Recovery is a program that tries to remedy this problem by recovering corrupt or lost files.

Easy Archive Recovery has two modes. One scans your hard drive for .ZIP and .RAR files of all kinds and locates the ones that appear to be causing trouble. The other allows users to locate the files on their own. The latter is ideal for people who know exactly which files are causing the trouble, whereas the former is better suited for people who want Easy Archive Recovery to find corrupt files for them.

Within seconds, Easy Recovery Archive collects information from the files it locates and displays them for you to determine what needs to be recovered. The results are not miraculous, but for simple files like photos or songs Easy Archive Recovery gets the job done efficiently. Unfortunately, the program is a bit prone to crashing, particularly in the mode that allows you to choose files and scan them on your own. Easy Archive Recovery's trial version also only lets you locate files, as opposed to actually repairing them.

Easy Archive Recovery is a good way to locate corrupt or missing files, if you can deal with the occasional program crash.

Easy Archive Recovery


Easy Archive Recovery 2.0

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